The V2 Standard kit is their best selling kit. The V2 electronic cigarette is a 2-piece model that lets you choose different color options.

You can also get the battery in 4 different colors; black, white, stainless steel, and blue.

The Standard Kit provides you with 1 manual battery and 1 automatic battery. I prefer a solid one color e-cig or nothing fancier than a normal white or black color scheme, but the choice is yours. The addition of the manual battery is nice as it provides with a strong vapor hit right off the first puff. Both batteries perform fairly well and keep a charge as long, if not longer, than most other batteries that I have used.

As mentioned before the manual battery gives a strong hit right away, more so than the automatic battery. The automatic battery takes a few puffs to prime but once it gets going, also provides a nice strong vapor. V2 offers an above average hit and taste on the vapor as well.

The flavors I chose to try were the Red and the Sahara, and both of them offered a distinct and strong flavor that matched what I thought I was getting. I am in love with V2 Red.

V2 cigs offers 10 different e-liquid flavors and 4 different nicotine strengths to choose from. Strength choices are Full, Medium, Light, and Zero. The list of flavors are as follows; Red, Congress, Sahara, Menthol, Peppermint, Vanilla, Cherry, Coffee, Chocolate, and Cola.

The Standard Kit comes with 10 cartridges, which you can mix and match. This kit is nice because most kits are coming with just 5 so it makes it worth the price for the standard kit.

Something else

Starter kits starts at 24,95USD

One cartridge equals up to 150-220 puffs.

Lifetime warranty

30 days money back guarantee

So in conclusion ...

Overall I was very impressed with V2 and still use V2 on a regular basis.

V2 cigs has great customer service as well. The website is easy to navigate and it was very informative. They offer the normal 30-day money back guarantee and they even give you directions on how to do a return if needed on the website. The return policy goes for starter kits only though. Other than that they offer a conditional lifetime warranty on their products.