Eversmoke electronic cigarettes offer 5 reasonably priced starter kits.

The 'Premium' starter kit comes with 2 lithium Ion batteries (choice between manual and automatic), a wall charger, USB charger and 5 cartridges.

Batteries come in a choice of 3 colors (Black, White, and Stainless Steel) Eversmoke uses a unique "Vapormax" cartridge technology to provide superior vapor.

They offer 10 delicious flavors, including a few different 'tobacco' flavors, to provide a close comparison to the different non-menthol traditional cigarette brands. I prefer Golden Tobacco, but their Pina Colada is also a nice alternative.

Cartridges are available in 15, 30, and 45-pack orders and in 4 different strengths. I thoroughly enjoy the vapor quality and quantity of their cartridges.

Battery life seems to last for about 350 pulls or so, which could be longer.

Eversmoke offers a home delivery service as well, that gives you a 20% discount and can be cancelled anytime.

Something else

Starter kits starts at 24,99USD

One cartridge equals up to 250 puffs.

Lifetime warranty

30 days money back guarantee

Free Shipping!

So in conclusion ...

Overall, I would definitely recommend their products.