Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

Save Money

One of the benefits of electronic cigarettes that smokers will appreciate the most is the cost. The electronic cigarette costs much less than tobacco cigarettes in the long run.

With cigarette prices on the constant rise, cigarette smokers everywhere are looking for some relief. E-liquid, which is usually sold in 10, 15 or 25 ML jars can be purchased and used to keep your electronic cigarette going at a fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes.

Switching from cigarettes can save smokers over $1,000 per year. Here's an additional thought... You will also save money on, and time looking for lost, lighters!

Smoke Anywhere

Electronic cigarettes can be virtually smoked anywhere. Because the only thing that is discharged by an electronic cigarette is vapor, it will never set off fire alarms and it causes no concerns making it perfect for long flights, as well as smoke-free residential and commercial establishments. Because electronic cigarettes only produce vapor, they are completely safe for the people around you, no more second hand smoke! Since electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, there is no odor, no staining of teeth and nails, and no more bad breathe! You will no longer smell like an ashtray, neither will your house, your clothes, your car, or your breathe. With that being said, you will be helping yourself and also providing an excellent environment for the non-smokers around you.

Health Benefits

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemical additives that are inherent in tobacco cigarettes. Only liquid nicotine is used in electronic cigarettes which turn into vapor when heated. There is no need for long production processes that entails the addition of hundreds of toxic chemicals like what tobacco cigarettes have to go through. This is a healthier and safer way to smoke cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes also grant the user control in the nicotine dosage. Unlike tobacco cigarettes where it's hard to know for sure how much nicotine is being inhaled and consumed, electronic cigarettes gives its users the option of how much nicotine can be placed inside each cartridge. Liquid nicotine can be precisely measured and is sold in a variety of increments that users can choose from. This is a great option for those who are trying to quit smoking but do not want to go cold turkey. Electronic cigarettes may be a relatively new technology but its popularity cannot be denied. It is a healthier and more practical substitute to tobacco cigarettes which has been scientifically proven to shorten a person's lifespan.

No Litter

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which end up all over sidewalks and streets when finished, electronic cigarettes are completely reusable from the battery to the cartridges. In addition, when you need to replace or discard them, they are fully recyclable!

So, in conclusion...

The main selling point for electronic cigarette manufacturers is that their devices can be used to help people pick a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products while trying to quit without the hassle of patches and pills. Electronic cigarettes offer nearly the same "smoking" experience without the negative health effects that come with cigarette or cigar smoke, which contain at least 80 cancer causing chemicals, including tar and cyanide.