Luci Smokes is one of the few companies on the market to still offer a three-piece model.

Luci offers a simple design, style and packaging. The battery section is much smaller in size than most and as a whole, has a much lighter design.

Luci Electronic Cigarettes offer 4 different starter kits to choose from and only 4 flavor choices.

Luci Smoke produces a poor "throat hit" that many veteran smokers will be disappointed with. The battery and vapor cartridge, being of a smaller size, don't last for a while, producing around 160-200 puffs.

You may also have to use a little more effort for each drag and may not get as much flavor as some other brands. Luci's electronic cigarettes require a few primer puffs before the sensor catches on and the battery wont last the entire day.

Customer service at Luci Smoke is pretty good. They offer a lifetime warranty on their atomizers, but only a 14-day warranty on their batteries and chargers. Luci Smoke provides a clean, user friendly website.

Something else

Starter kits starts at 59,99USD

One cartridge equals up to 160-200 puffs.

14 days warranty

30 days money back guarantee

Free shipping over $100

So in conclusion ...

The Luci electronic cigarette is not of the best quality and I really wouldn't fully recommend their products.