Green Smoke is one of the most successful, most popular and recognizable names in the electronic cigarette market. They were the first company to offer a two-piece electronic cigarette, but since then many companies have copied that model. The two-component system is widely used because it allows you to customize the amount of nicotine (from 0 to 24mg), and gives you a choice from a variety of flavors.

Green Smoke uses an elegant design, style and packaging, and provides smokers with a great e-smoking experience. The battery section has a slightly larger diameter, giving it "fatter" feel in your fingers. Green Smoke offers 4 different starter kits to choose from and 7 flavor choices.

Green Smoke produces an excellent "throat hit" that many veteran smokers enjoy. The battery and vapor cartridge last for a while, producing a great amount of vapor, at around 360-400 puffs.

One downfall is that you may have to use a little more effort for each drag and may not get as much flavor as some other brands. Unlike Green Smoke's electronic cigarettes, many e-cigs require a few primer puffs before the sensor catches on and the battery wont last the entire day.

Customer service at Green Smoke is fantastic. When you buy your electronic cigarette starter kit from Green Smoke you can save up to 25% by subscribing for monthly refills. Green Smoke provides a user friendly website with online "live chat" as well as purchasing by phone.

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kits are some of the highest priced starter kits on the market but are also of the highest quality.

Something else

Starter kits starts at 59,99USD

One cartridge equals up to 360 puffs.

Lifetime warranty

30 days money back guarantee

Free Shipping!

So in conclusion ...

Green Smoke is an outstanding e-cig, due to the top-notch costumer service, high quality product, and the fact that Green Smoke has been selling e-cigs longer than most other brands in the United States. It is well worth the money for a regular smoker to invest in.