Vapor Couture is a product line by V2 Cigs. This new line of electronic cigarettes is designed specifically for women, with luxurious tastes...

Vapor Couture offers 3 different starter kits, starting at a whopping $79.99. Their cartridge flavor choices include bombshell, rodeo drive, fresh mint, and passion fruit. And although they are made by V2, there is currently no e-liquid for those flavors. Just cartridges.

Now if you want sparkly, snazzy electronic cigarettes, then vapor couture may be for you. With vapor couture, you can basically bedazzle your ecig to your likings.

One of the most disappointing aspects of Vapor Couture is that they do not interchange with their parent brand, V2 Cigs. This means that you are stuck overpaying for replacement cartridges month after month.

Vapor Couture's batteries weigh in at 150mA, which means they will only last you about 3 or 4 hours before dying. Vapor Couture also doesn't make manual batteries, so your stuck with automatic batteries.

Something else

Starter kits starts at 79,95USD

One cartridge equals up to 200 puffs.

Lifetime warranty

30 days money back guarantee

5$ flat shipping rate

So in conclusion ...

Overall, Vapor Couture had a great idea, trying to reach out to the upper class. Problem is most e-smokers don't see their e-cig as a fashion statement, and don't want one with rhinestones and glitter. I really don't see the value with Vapor Couture, and I would not recommend them.